Mark 3:23-27

15325210949171773094450452648661I have been praying that God would give me something to share and He never fails!!

Reading today in Mark 3:23-27.

One only has to open social media or turn on the news to see how divided out nation has become and this trickles down to effect our states, our cities, our Churches and our families.

There is a lot of talk about staying United. Yet everyone has their own idea on what that looks like and while we scream for acceptance and tolerance… we, ourselves, are often not very tolerant of those who are not the “same” as us.

So back to these verses…I wrote in my Bible about not letting Satan tie me down and keeping my eyes on Jesus. “Be strong in the Lord!”

Yesterday I was watching Netflix with my teenager. And it was like going to church; such a lesson on love. Sharing Jesus and loving unconditionally.

At one point the lady who was featured in this episode said “you can not antagonize and evangelize at the same time”!!! And I about stood up and shouted “amen! Hallelujah! Amen!”

How can we ever stand together against the forces of evil when we are so busy pointing out what we see as sin, posting disrespectful comments about our leadership or those who do not think the same way we think they ought to???

The notes for Mark 3:23-27 refer to the “strong man” as Satan. We must tie him up with love. Unconditional love for each other. Being United in love is the only way our families will be strong. In order to change the world, we have to start small and like a spark (it only takes a spark…sorry had to stop and sing my favorite  church campfire song) those flames of love will spread. Love conquers all!

Who can you show love to today?  And how will you do it? I would love to hear about it!

Be well! Dwell with God! In His Word and with His people!

Again with the Obedience and Blessings lessons

I was so excited to see answers in God’s Word moments after I journaled a prayer in my Awaken by Priscilla Shirer journal. I wanted to do a live video to share about it. But…it’s HOT and I didn’t think anyone needed to see me sweating and squinting in the sunshine. For those of you who have followed along or heard my ramblings this year, again I am being reminded about being obedient and the blessings that follow. I had selected the word “purpose” to focus on this year but it seems God had other plans.

To begin my few moments of quiet before the children or grandchildren found me, I was reading Matthew Chapter 4 and I underlined verses 19-20 in my bible. This is where Jesus tells Simon Peter and Andrew “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” The Bible tells us immediately they dropped their nets and followed him. I know  I have touched on this before but today I also noted how they did not ask questions, they did not wonder how they were going to eat or have necessities. They did not worry about how they were going to provide for their families. They simply listened and followed him.

I next moved to the devotional which was titled “Hearing is Believing” and spoke about David and Goliath. The journal prompt question was “What types of things are your fiercest battles saying to you right now?” I journaled about the implications of being unemployed and going to grad school and incurring further debt. I wrote about feeling tired and that nobody or nothing gets the best of me or all of me- everyone gets a little but I can’t fully surrender. I ended my journaling with this prayer:

Lord,  Help me to commit fully to You and to the roles you have placed me in – to the people you place before me. Help me to show your love and commitment o to others. Pick me up when I fall – remove the sense of failing from my life. Help me to trust in you! Amen

After journaling I like to look up the verses that are included in the devotional. The second verse today is Isaiah 50:4-5 which is titled “The Obedient Servant” and it says: “The Lord has given me the tongue of those who are instructed to know how to sustain the weary with a word. He awakens me each morning: he awakens my ear to listen like those being instructed. The LORD God has opened my ear, and I was not rebellious; I did not turn back.”

This sums up so many of the lessons I have already been learning this year. Listen to hear, be obedient, share with others, be blessed!

While there are days of doubts, days when I don’t give my best to anyone, I still move on- small steps at a time. Listening for the Lord, sharing his word and being blessed when what is written here touches the lives of one of you. I guess that’s why your feedback is so important to me. It encourages my soul and my obedience with blessings that I am able to see here and now because I know God’s plans include blessings for others that I will never know about on this side of Heaven.

Until next time 🙂

Dwell in Him, In His Word, With His People!



God answers prayers

Malachi. 1:2a says “I have loved you,” says the LORD. Yet you ask, “How have you loved us?”

Do you ever have to consciously remind yourself that He loves you?

Here is a bit of my recent reminder!

Last August I lost my job after 10 years of working from home. That was just another situation following the previous few years of moving, death of loved ones, and periods of depression.

In November I was offered a position at a job I didn’t really want and really felt God had called me to stay home and focus on being a mom and a wife!

In January 2018 I had a phone interview for a job at a nearby church which seemed to be a perfect fit. However I did not hear back from them until April at which time they were again looking to fill the position. After another phone interview, 2 face to face meetings and introductions to other staff members I was told that “leadership” had decided not to fill the role at this time. I imagine my surprise when 2 weeks later I see the same job posted once again on Linked.

Since August I have applied for over 200 jobs. Interviewed for about 5 and been offered 2 that my family and I had decided were not the right fit. I have even “interviewed” and been passed up for volunteer positions.

I had begun to question my worth and why nobody wanted me! When I saw the job posting the other day, I almost was upset and then I remembered my prayers! I had and have asked God that if anything came my way that was not in His will for me that He would close those doors! I have been reminded that He called me to focus on being s mother and a wife. I often say “my greatest mission field is in my home.”

God is answering my prayers. The lack of employment had allowed me time to focus on my health and search for answers, time to stop and listen when my husband talks and be supportive of decisions he makes as the head of our family (especially when those decisions are disappointing to him), time to spend a week with a life long friend sharing laughter and tears and most of all God”s relentless love for her, time to answer phone calls from my children’s school, time for hour long or multiple phone and video chats with my adult children, time to pray and read and study, time to begin new friendships, time to travel with my mother, time to sit on a porch swing with my cousin, time to drink coffee and talk and laugh with my aunts and grandmother, time to share a message from the book of Jonah at the cutest little church in the world, time to cram my assignments for seminary and submit them at the last minute before their due date, time to sit on my new to me patio furniture and read His word,  and time to have my grandchildren safely under my care.

While this time and season may be a little but tight financially, I am full beyond measure in blessings! God amazes me everyday that I choose to open my heart and my eyes to see how He loves me!

God loves you too! Open your eyes and heart and look for those ways He is showing how He loves you today. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy whatever time or season you are in!

I would love to hear how He loves you! Share a comment, send me a text, call me on the phone or come on over the back deck is open and we have plenty of chairs!

Be well! Dwell in Him, in His word and with His people!


Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

Are you living in the freedom of Christ? Do you ever get tired of the “oh woes me” self-help books, tweets, snaps and posts that seem to inundate your news feed? Please understand I do not think I have it all together. I do think those tools are useful. I just think sometimes we focus so much on our worldly shortcomings that when we go through seasons of goodness- it is kind of hard to enjoy it. I stop to question, am I really at peace right now? Did I really enjoy a half hour of silence soaking up the sun (yes I am an 80s girl who still likes laying out)? Shouldn’t I be trying to figure out where my shortcomings are and what is wrong with me today? Shouldn’t I be spending more time in God’s Word or serving His people or Shouldn’t I be sharing some intelligent new thought on Christian life that no one else has shared before???

There are a lot of shouldn’t I’s we could listen to. There are lots of resources for our sinfulness, our loneliness, our anger, our sadness, our past mistakes, our comparisons, our need to seek Him more. Of course, the best of those resources is just simply His Word itself. Studying God’s Word convicts me, calms me, gives me joy and reminds me that I am loved.

And sometimes I don’t need to be reminded. Some days I just know! I feel Him near, I see Him moving in my life and life is just good! So let’s not be afraid to celebrate the good days. Let’s not be waiting for the next shoe to drop. Let’s just enjoy a sunny Saturday knowing that God loves us. He has claimed me worthy as one of His own. He has called me to His Kingdom and so no matter what this life brings I ALWAYS have something to look forward to. Today I declare that the end goal is worth it and it is enough for me just for today! Today I am soaking up the Son! Today I am being thankful and praising Him for all of His Blessings – bc I am His and He says I deserve it! He chose me and I choose Him, today and Always!

Go out and enjoy your weekend. Celebrate like you are royalty because you are! You are the child of the King of all Kings! And nothing can ever take that away!

Dwell with the King today, Dwell in the King’s Word, Dwell with the King’s People and Be well!!


Jonah, Nahum, and the Ninevites

I have been camping out in Jonah for about six weeks now. Slowly reading, re-reading and taking notes and I pray that when the time comes I will be able to share all of this with you.

I also am part of a One Chapter a day bible reading group. Today we began Nahum and to my surprise here I am reading about Ninevah and the disobedient Ninevites again!! A century later after Jonah preached against them and they repented and were not destroyed by God, here they are again disobeying and angering God! Jonah 3:6 tells us that even the king of Ninevah repented and fasted. Jonah 3:10 says “God saw their actions–they had turned from their evil ways–so God relented from the disaster he had threatened them with. And he did not do it.” And a century later Nahum writes in verses 3:18-19 “King of Assyria, your shepherd slumber, your officers sleep. Your people are scattered across the mountains with no one to gather them together. There is no remedy for your injury; your wound is severe. All who hear the news about you will clap their hands because of you, for who has not experienced your constant cruelty?”

The king in Jonah’s time gathered his people together to repent and fast and to “turn from his evil ways and from wrongdoing.: (Jonah 3:8b).

The king in Nahum’s time had people who were scattered and who would celebrate his death.

What happened to the people of Ninevah during this in between time? Was it a fast decline back to their evil ways or was it slow mindless meandering that led them back? Were the people not intentional in following God and obeying His commands? Did they slip a little here and there? Maybe they decided public prayer was no longer needed. Maybe the people didn’t support one another and became afraid of their neighbors instead of getting to know them and loving them. Maybe their work and entertainment became more important than reaching out to others and sharing life and love. Maybe they just decided it wasn’t fun to follow God. Maybe they felt that the world was falling in around them and they had nowhere to turn so they joined the world in that fall. Maybe it was just easier and more fun to do what everyone else was doing instead of remembering the grace God had showed them when He saved them from destruction.

Over and over in my life I have battled between being good and having fun and living a life of faith and walking with the Lord. Over and over I have asked for forgiveness and rededicated myself to the Lord. Over and over I have failed and walked in the world instead of the Word. I dont want to be like the Ninevites of Nahum! I want God to see that I have repented and to save me from myself! And I pray that the generations that come after me will be followers of God and not followers of the world. It isn’t easy but it is worth it! We do not have to walk in the world. We can be different. We can be strong in the Lord! Our future generations depend on it!

“Turn away from evil and do what is good, and settle there permanently. For the Lord loves justice and will not abandon his faithful one. They are kept safe forever, but the children of the wicked will be destroyed.” Psalm 37:27-28

What is one thing you can do today for the generations that will follow you?


Be well, dwell with God, in His Word and with His people!

What dwelling looks like

When I began this blog journey last fall, I had an idea God had placed on my heart but I wasn’t sure what that looked like and to be honest there have been many times I have wanted to quit. Thankfully, I have some wonderful and supportive people in my life who pray for me, ask hard questions and encourage me.

I haven’t been as active as I anticipated I would be and to be honest I have been a bit discouraged because you, dear reader, have not been as active as I thought you might be either. However, the goals I wrote with my accountability group in January included remembering my audience of one and share from the overflow.20180418_071735

I study and share because I believe this is what God had called me to do. He has NOT called me to measure your response not to seek approval from the World.

In our fast paced world I am attempting to slow down and really do what I saw by dwelling with God, in His Word and with His people. I am adding prayer to my daily task list. I am asking others to pray when I need more guidance. I am not rushing through time in His Word. This time looks different every day and let’s be honest some days it just doesn’t happen but oh the days I make this a priority are such good days! Part of this time in God’s Word has been spent in the book of Jonah. 4 chapters. I started on 03/17/2018. I haven’t made it to chapter 4 yet. I think this is the meaning of dwelling. Reading, rereading, underlining, writing notes in the margins. That’s it…and while I don’t visit Jonah every day, I see something new when I reread it everytime!!20180418_072453

My journey with Jonah isn’t a race. It’s a marathon. I appreciate the encouragement from my cheerleaders! Those who pray, those who offer me a drink when I am tired and thirsty and those who won’t let me quit. I do not know how long this marathon will last but I do know that God wants me to share with you what I am learning on the journey and I believe I need to do this in a better way than what I had been doing on the Facebook page.

So please, stick with me. Share your own Jonah stories if you have them. Join me in slowly reading and re-reading these words and pray for what is to be shared that it will not be rushed but put together and shared in God’s perfect timing.

“Those who cherish worthless idols abandon their faithful love, but as for me, I will sacrifice to you with a voice of Thanksgiving. I will fulfill what I have vowed. Salvation belongs to the Lord.” Jonah 2:8-9

Be well. Dwell with God, in His Word and with His People.

Are you a Jonah?

I’ve been quiet over here but have been slowing moving through the book of Jonah on the facebook page.

Have you read the book of Jonah? or are you relying on memories from the felt board at Sunday School. I encourage you to take a few moments and read through the book in one setting. Then head over to the facebook page and look for the posts regarding Jonah. I believe there are seven numbered steps. Pray for God to speak to you through his Word. Be honest! Ask yourself questions.

Are you behaving like Jonah? What is your Ninevah? Are you running towards God or as far down away from Him as you can get? Who can help throw you onto dry land?


I cant wait to hear from you!

Be well! Dwell in Him and in His Word and with His people!